Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween Comprehension

Halloween is just around the corner. We have been so busy in our class doing lots of fun and different Halloween activities as well as celebrating in different ways with the School. This week there's even a disco - our kids love the disco and playing all of the different games, it's going to be Halloween themed, the students are invited to fetch in their costumes which staff help them get into in the afternoon ready for the party/disc and there's even some very talented staff on hand ready to paint their faces and give them some glitter tattoos!

Anyway, today I'm going to share with you one of my most popular Halloween resources, my Halloween Comprehension Pack.

This comprehension pack contains 8 different comprehension worksheets with accompanying question sheets.

Each pair of worksheets is linked together by image and title. There is a short passage on one page and then 5 questions on another page for students to answer on what they have read in the first passage.

These worksheets are a great way to encourage students to slow down and pay closer attention to detail. The worksheets are all linked to the theme of Halloween and are fun and engaging for your students - I'm sure they're just going to love them!

These were a huge hit last Halloween, with many teachers getting in touch about how much their students loved these comprehension packs!

You can find out more information here on this resource and how you can use it in your classroom, ready to bring the Halloween feeling into your class.

If you really love my comprehension packs, you can find a huge year round growing bundle here.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bonfire Night: Fact Flip Book

Guy Fawkes (Bonfire Night) is a celebration that takes place every year on the 5th November in the UK - however, many other countries around the World also celebrate as well.

This fact flip book comes with 2 pages of reading passage for you to use for students if they are unsure of the facts, it comes in two difficulty levels depending on student's individual abilities.

This is an interactive book where students can cut, stick and colour/color the different pieces for each page. 

There are two options for the cover page; color/colour or black&white. 

Each page has two options for students to choose the answer from. They cut out the correct answers and stick them onto the page. 
Put it together and make a flip book!!

There are instructions included on the first page of the document 
There are also small instructions included on the bottom of each of the pages, as well as photos of the finished style on the last page for you to see it finished.

This resource works great in both British & American classrooms.

Check it out here or click the images below.

The following images show the fact flip book completed.

This is a great way to see if your students are able to pay close attention to detail for the reading passage included to be able to find the answers for the questions. At the end of the task they will also have a 'finished piece' where they are able to view their finished resource and be able to use it for any future activities and to reflect upon.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Halloween Symbol Support Cards

We all know how hard it can be when our non verbal students aren't able to communicate with us what it is they're trying to say, especially when it comes to seasonal events such as Halloween.

This is why, on my TpT, you will now find this great Halloween Symbol Support Cards Pack which is full of symbols all related to the theme of Halloween that will help your students to communicate with you what they want.

This download contains symbol support cards in the theme of Halloween. There are a total of 73 different symbol cards included.

Plus it comes in US and UK versions.

Symbol cards are a great way to support students with communication, especially great when working with Spec Ed, or Autism Students.

This comes in col only option and as a PDF document.

The symbol cards are in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find which symbols you are looking for.

Plus, if there are any symbols that you are specifically wanted related to this theme that aren't included in the pack, you can just drop me a line and I'll get it added, if relevant, right away for you! Just click here to be re-directed to the page to find out more about this resource.

If you use symbol support cards regularly with your students, or wish to use them more often, then you can find my huge Symbol Support Cards Bundle which contains over 1100 individual symbols, plus it's a growing bundle, so more symbols will keep on getting added to it!

Symbol support cards are usually used with Special Needs students and students with Autism, they are a great way to enhance and expand student vocabulary and communication, or a pure source of students to communicate with.

Or, if you are looking to introduce the use of individual symbols to your classroom/child and like the look of these style of symbols, you can find out more here (aff link).


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Halloween Write the Room

As Halloween approaches, the weather seems to get colder and wetter, students spend less time outside, which means more time inside - and we all know that this leads to some very frustrated and bored kiddos! Being cooped up all day can be hard and it usually means that your students just can't cope with anymore sitting down at a desk and working - so why not mix it up a bit, keep them learning while getting them moving!

This Halloween Write the Room activity is a great way for students to work on their vocabulary, spelling, writing, exploring skills and while keeping active by moving around the classroom.

This activity includes 20 different write the room flashcards. All images and vocabulary are linked to the theme of Halloween.

It comes with 2 levels of difficulty to differentiate for your students individual learning needs. Students can either use flashcards 1-10 or 1-20, depending upon which you think is most suitable/relevant.

There are 2 different recording sheets to accommodate the 2 different levels. One uses 1-10 and one uses 1-20.

All flashcards are ready numbered. 

An answer key is also provided on the bottom two pages of the recording sheet PDF file.

Instructions are also included on first pages of each PDF document. This download includes two PDF documents - one for the flashcards and one for the recording sheets.

I would highly recommend laminating each of the individual flashcards so that they will be stronger, therefore longer lasting.

You can hide these flashcards anywhere you want to get the students active and moving about. Some example are:
♦ Around the classroom
♦ Outdoor play area
♦ In a tough tray
♦ In a sensory tub

This is a great way to keep students motivated and engaged while practising their vocabulary and spelling skills.

To find out more about this resource, simply check it out here or if you are a big fan of getting your students active while learning and want to grab a large, growing bundle of year round write the room activities, visit my great bundle here.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Guy Fawkes Resources

Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night always provides us with some great learning opportunities for our kiddos, plus we all love watching the most beautiful firework displays that go off to celebrate Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes.

It is celebrated every year on the 5th November and is a way to remember / celebrate the Gunpowder Plot.

If you are struggling for different ways of how you can teach your students this year about Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night, just check out the fab resources and crafts activities below that are sure to get your kiddos engaged and ready to learn while also having some seasonal fun in your classroom. 

Flashcard stories are a big hit on my TpT at the moment. I basically simplify the story down small with lots of great, eye-catching graphics with just the main details included, so as not to overload students. You can view it here.

Here is word to pic matching. This is a great resource for introducing vocabulary, working with non verbal students, enhancing student vocabulary, word recognition, vocabulary recap and speech therapy sessions. You can get more info on this resource here.

This is one of my most favourite activities. I have a serious obsession with flip books, so when a teacher friend asked me if I'd design her one for Guy Fawkes, I jumped right in! I wasn't sure how it would go down with the kiddos at first, so I put off sharing it with anyone until it was tested out in the classroom. Well, it turns out, the students loved it! They loved reading the facts from the reading passages included, working out the correct answers, colouring in the pictures, cutting and sticking, and even putting the whole flip book together! For more info, check it out here.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Finding activities that your students will love, find fun and engaging as well as providing learning opportunities can be a hard task. Especially when you want it to be on a specific theme or holiday - such as Halloween!

Our students struggle with their fine motor skills, so we're always thinking up fun, new ideas to help them work on this. One of the biggest hits with them is jigsaw puzzles.

Not only are they working on their fine motor skills, but they're also having the chance to create an end product - making them more motivated to complete the task, i.e a finished image.

The puzzles that I'm going to share with you today are Halloween themed and the pack contains 4 different levels of jigsaws, with each level containing 12 individual jigsaw puzzles - totalling 48 different jigsaws for your students to enjoy.

Plus they come in col or b/w option for your preference.

Now, these jigsaws are extra fun because you can either laminate all of the individual pieces then store them so that they can be pulled out year after year as fun puzzles or you can have students piece the puzzles together then stick them in their work books and colour/color them in as a reminder of their hard work.

All the images included in this pack are related to the theme of Halloween.

Do you like to use jigsaws in your class?


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